Why Granite Countertops Are So Unique

Here is a QuickBooks to find out about the pros and cons of granite countertop .To check out how much it proves the best material; by defining its pros and cons on the other hand. Although, the stone of 3000 million years ago must have robust features but that’s not enough to buy this material relying on its robustness. You need to investigate more knowledge about it before encounter with any future damages like over spending, and maintenance.

To make it the right choice for your home let's have a look at nuts and bolts of granite:

1. Brief Introduction Of Granite Countertops:

Granite is a natural stone. A piece of earth’s crust that proves the hard material to install in the commercial buildings. This material has been used in the Statue of Liberty, and many popular statures due to its longevity and durability. It is been found over 3000 million years ago and historically, britianstone introduced its uses in home interiors such as design it like countertops, bartops, fireplaces decorative material and also the vanity tops.

So there is a long history that is turned granite into everyone’s choice in the elite class society. Granite executes elegant, brawn, yet stunning sway in the space and mostly has been seen in posh places like 5-star hotel baths and reception areas.

We are enlisting some points that will explicitly wrap up its features and pros that why should we use the granite for our places.

2. Why Should We Use Granite for Our Places? Is It A Perfect Fit?

To finding its answers, you have come to the final destination in this blog where you can read what you are looking for about its material. So follow each postulate below:

• Sustainability:

The first thing that makes granite a powerful choice for home interiors is its sustainability. Mother Nature that never stops working. So yes, granite is defined as renewable resources. Since it takes so long time in formation. While some of the industries do not consider granite is a truly green product.

Huge stone industries passing through strides over the past years for sake of quarrying and production. On the other hand, granite is a tough material with longevity and has no chemical harmful agents in its formation, and free from gasses and harmful emitations. This granite is placed in the green building movements due to its hygienic nature.

• Heat resistance:

The robust piece will not blister or explode when exposed to heat. It is one of the most powerful heat resistance countertops. If you place the hot pan over the surface of the countertops then it can bear its heat without getting a change in skin or surface. Experts recommend using trivets when using appliances that can emit heat like crockpots. The granite is so dense for instance there is a small heating area on the top not in the overall surface that can cause cracks over the stone.

• Scratch resistance:

Granite scores 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness. It means that this is one of few materials that can't be scratched. You can cut everything on it since it can also dull your knives and can leave the metal residue that can be even difficult to remove.

According to the size measurements, granite has 2-3 seams in the typical size kitchen countertop. Depending on size and textures the average size may vary. The typical variation can be 9 feet by 5 feet. If you choose L-shaped or U-shaped layouts. Expect seams in directions of angle.

Many fabricators mix colors epoxy to manipulate the seams that prove the best. Except for it, that seems to be around1/8 an inch thick.

• Undermount Sink:

Undermount sinks procedure is common when it comes to granite countertops installation. This allows crumbs and spills to be wiped away directly from the sink and leaving no dirt behind. The sinkhole at the lip surface of the mount. There are so many options available for sink mounts such as stainless steel, cast iron, and solid surfaces. In the procedure, fabricators cut the piece of the sink and polish it to make the shape of your chosen sink.

• Backsplash option:

The option of backsplash that is more often in laminates with Coved backsplash is not available with granite. Typically it can separate 4 pieces of stone slabs that can be adhered to on the top of your countertop skin. Tile and great heightened-up granite backsplash can be used.

Renovate your kitchen with quartz provides you many varieties in textures, designs, and colors. Some of the wildest choice for you we have listed down.

Granite countertops can’t be repaired by sitting at home person. It requires a professional touch-up in repairing and maintenance. Rarely, it got chipped and cracked up. But if you face something like this you can contact your installers they are contracted with you to come for repairing and maintenance. Make a schedule on a service call on finding such issues:

• Porous granite need sealing

• Bad quality countertops

• Break the surface of the granite

• Chipped and cracking

It is considered that granite countertops need low maintenance. The likelihood of its maintenance or resurfaced its surface is low. Most homeowners do this their own when it comes to cleaning the countertops simply by applying the product over the surface and wipe it away. Rinse it off it will turn up into a new look of the countertop. It is better to take advice from the installer for cleaning the countertop that which sealer will be best to go. Low range price with lots of affordability options starts to form $35-$55 per square foot.

• Variety:

Granite has vibrant hues that are convincing and enticing to others. Since the granite has limited colors due to its mother nature. You can’t be able to find lots of color patterns or sparkling colors in the granite. It is a great idea to order your fabricators the exact view of slabs that are listed in their collections. Many types of granite colors have exotic waves, veining and split of design in each slab that attracts others towards its unending beauty.

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