Finally, your dream of having new cabinets and countertops in place has already come true so why not spend on it? They glisten, and glitter, giving you a magazine-ready kitchen/bathroom! So the key point that you ask yourself now is how to keep them in such a state.

Fear not! Looking after your new fixtures and fittings does not need to be frightening. Welcome to my blog! Here I am going to teach you how to maintain the shiny kitchen.

The Best for your Beautiful Cabinets.

  • Regular Dusting: Begin with the basics. It finds dust in your cabinets too. Wipe them once a week with a soft cotton cloth. Small brush for those stubborn corners.
  • Avoid Moisture: Water is the enemy. Always clean up any spill without delay. Wood gets warped and peels off laminates over time.
  • Gentle Cleaners: Sometimes strong chemical cleaners can be counter-productive. Cleaning could not be easier; just mix warm water with mild dish soap. Just make sure you fully wring it out!
  • Handle with Love: That isn’t all of those cabinet handles! This way, you are not able to spoil and soil the cabinet doors with oil and dirt from your hand.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: With time, sunlight may bleach the colour of your wood cabinets. You may also regulate direct sunlight in your cabinet through the use of blinds or curtains.
  • Wax On, But Not Too Often: You can make your wooden cabinets sparkle using high-quality furniture wax. However, excessive waxing may accumulate. Only one light application per annum is necessary.

The Countertop is always present.

  • Understand Your Material: Each material has its style of maintenance (Granite, quartz, marble, and laminate). In such a case, granite may have to be occasionally resealed to remain resistant to stains as opposed to quartz.
  • Daily Wipe Down: Your cabinets and countertops also need daily dusting. Most materials require a mild dish soap solution for cleaning.
  • Stay Away from Harsh Cleaners: Many countertop materials have weak finishes, which are easily damaged by abrasive scrubs and acidic cleaners. Always opt for gentle cleansers.
  • Use Cutting Boards: These are not just a cook’s accessory. It saves your countertops from getting scrapped or damaged.
  • Hot Pads and Trivets are Your Friends: Do not put hot pans down on quartz or laminate countertops since such surfaces are easily damaged by high temperatures.
  • Address Spills Swiftly: It is particularly important when dealing with porous materials such as granite and marble to dry up any accidentals at once. If not handled carefully, acidic substances such as lemon juice, wine and tomato sauce will be able to etch the surface.
  • Sealing is Caring: If they are made of natural stones ensure you reseal them once in two years. It creates an effective barrier against stains and moisture.

Some Tips for Achieving that Ever-Lasting Beauty.

  • Stay Informed: Remember to ask your supplier or installer for detailed care instructions on the materials you have.
  • Protective Pads: Think about putting some things like rubber or felt padding beneath appliances or objects that could scratch or mar your counters and cabinets.
  • Rotate Items: Do not stand heavy objects in one place on your kitchen tabletop constantly. Sometimes turning them can avoid discoloration and indentations.
  • Scheduled Deep Cleaning: Daily cleaning helps to wipe out the dirt while deep cleaning once every two years keeps things for longer.

In Conclusion

Taking Care of Your New Cabinets and Countertops Means Love! Just be sure to spend a few minutes on it each day without getting into the usual traps. Follow these simple tips and soon your beautiful kitchen or bathroom will serve you faithfully for years to come. Keep in mind that fixtures are not just fittings; instead, they contribute to the appearance and quality of life at home. Treat them like a very expensive thing. Happy homemaking!

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