In this fast-paced technology-driven era, each and every field is being revamped and revolutionized to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors in the marketplace. Similarly, countertop manufacturers have also been under the spotlight with their elegant kitchen countertops and custom countertop designs. When we talk geographically, Montreal is one of the cities of Canada, where custom bathroom worktops have gained notoriety in the last few years. For people who cannot afford to remodel of their homes or are not willing for a full-blown redecoration of their homes or workspaces, one of the best options is to substitute that with an updated custom countertop fitting. However, most of these people may fall short of ideas and choices, when it comes down to choosing between some of the most famous custom countertops materials in Montreal. To take the burden off your shoulders, we have listed down five of the most durable, and sleek-looking type of kitchen countertops in Montreal; as well as other parts of the world.


One of the best and the most used products in order to produce some of the most sleek-looking custom kitchen countertops and bathroom worktops in Montreal is granite. Refined from volcanic magma, granite countertops can offer you the rarest combination you would find in the marketplace; durability and elegance.


Having around 94%-96% quartz particles in the mix and providing the durability you need in your kitchen and bathroom countertops, quartz is one of the best options you have for your countertop choices. This material is liable against heart, overweight, and water; making it the perfect choice, especially for custom kitchen worktops.


When we talk about the most durable type of countertops in the marketplace, we feel that marble countertops can easily top the list. Although they have a downside when it comes down to the outlook and elegance, however, longevity and strength is what make marble a considerable option for people looking for countertops in Montreal.


For people who are looking for a very classy outlook of their countertops or custom worktops, soapstone is one of the best options they might have. Usually available in a dark grey color and a silky and smooth texture, soapstone is another natural stone that is in our top five list of the best options for custom countertops in Montreal.

Ceramic Tiles:

Are you looking for a chic-looking design for your countertops? Ceramic tiles can be the best option you might have. Although ceramic tile countertops lack in durability and strength, they offer an amazing outlook to the clients. Hence, when you want your kitchen countertops to complement your walls and flooring, ceramic tiles are worth considering.

Re-fitting or new fitting of custom countertops in your home can be a dramatic way of giving a whole new outlook to your beautiful home. You have tons of options in terms of the countertops you want to get, and what kind of product should be there in your workspace or home. However, for the best outlook and results, we at Granite4Less would recommend you to go through the list of countertop types mentioned above.

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