Finish is the major contributor to turn your natural stone into a perfect jewel for your kitchen, bathroom, office, living, outdoor or anywhere you love to décor. Granite4less knows all about the best of finish services to bring out the most of the characteristic function of your desired stone. To help you choose the appropriate finish, our experts help you to choose the best finish that compliments your Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Countertops, Shower base, Fireplace, bar tops, Tabletops, Floorings or Staircase.

  • Polished

  • Honed

  • Leathered

  • Flamed

Polished Finish

What is Polished Finish?

Polished finish is the most common type of finishing to add a shiny and glossy appearance to natural stone. After grinding and sanding, it involves buffing the stone for a lustrous and silky texture. It is non-porous in nature. Polished Finish is considered one of the best options for your Marble Vanity or Granite Kitchen Countertops or Granite Bar tops in Montreal as it adds a perfect value to the crystallized stone. Polished finishes are commonly found residential as well as commercial places in Montreal.

Why Choose Polished Finish?

From forever, polish finishing has been the choice of a large group of people for its striking, sparkling and marvellous looks which outshine the eyes of the onlookers with its full of glow and glistening glamour.


Classy appearance Enhances colour and design Costs economical Easy to maintain and clean Resists Stains

Honed Finish

What is Honed Finish?

Honed is a matte form of finish stone. It removes the reflective shine of the stone and leaves a smooth, flat, consistent, non-shiny and porous surface. It is the most suitable form of stone finish for marble bathroom countertops, marble bar tops, marble fireplaces, marble floorings, marble staircase and marble kitchen countertops in Montreal. Aside from Marble, it is also recommended for granite and quartzite.

Why Choose Honed Finish?

Honed is the new trendy finish for natural stone. In contrast to Polish which is slippery and reflective in nature; it is an unpolished and natural-looking finish. It is preferred for all the places which receive heavy traffic such as floors, countertops, tabletops etc.


Natural-Looking Cost-Efficient Stylish and Trendy Perfect for Floors and staircases Resists Scratches

Flamed Finish

Polished Finish

Also called Thermal Finish. A flamed finish is achieved when the stone is exposed to an intense fire which causes it to burst and become rough. It peels away the layers of the stone and exposes the inner beauty of the stone to create a textured look. Flamed Finish is mostly used for heat-resistant material such as granite or hard limestone.

Why Choose Flamed Finish?

Flamed Finish is, typically, used for the areas that most prone to dampness such as outdoor, patio, deck or even shower floor or base. If you are a fan of rusty or brownish natural complementing to the environment texture, Flamed Finish is also an attractive texture for outdoor kitchen, places inside the sink, bathroom floorings etc.


Regular Appearance Environmental Complimenting Best for Exterior Places For Vibrant Rusty or Corroded Textures Resists Stretches

Leathered Finish

What is Leathered Finish?

Leathered finish is the new and enriched form of Matte Finish. Taking honed finish for natural stones a step ahead, leathered is a perfect substitute for a perfect and protected finishing of the surfaces of the countertops. The leathered finish’s subtle surface appears when honed finish is brushed with the diamond-tipped brushes. It is recommended to use for the darker natural shades of the stone.

Why Choose Leathered Finish?

It is a combination of unpolished appearance of honed finish and vivid texture looks of polished finishing. As of Honed Finish, it goes best with Marble, Granite and Quartzite. It retains the natural colour of the stone as well as enhances the texture of the stone.


Stylish and Trendy Blends Polish and Honed Touch Perfect for Kitchen Countertops and Bar tops Resists Scratches Cost-Efficient


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