What makes Dekton Counters the ideal choice in Montreal?

While many might need to be more familiar with Dekton countertops, they’re increasingly capturing the attention of discerning homeowners in Montreal and beyond. This relatively new entrant in the countertop scene, offered by Granite4less, marries aesthetics with functionality. Curious about why Dekton might be perfect for you? Let’s dive in.

Discover the World of Dekton

Dekton is a masterful fusion of materials like quartz, porcelain, and glass, resulting in a visually appealing but also robust and adaptable engineered stone. Whether it’s for kitchen countertops, work surfaces, or floors, Dekton is up to the task. Available in varied sizes, its thickness can range from 8mm to 20mm.

Dekton Countertops

For Your Kitchen Space 

If you’re searching for a kitchen countertop that offers resistance to stains, heat, and scratches without compromising on aesthetics, Dekton is worth considering. Its design capabilities allow for installation in one piece, meaning fewer joints and cuts. This creates a fluid, uniform surface that syncs with diverse kitchen styles.

Dekton encapsulates everything a culinary enthusiast seeks in a countertop – easy maintenance, resilience against everyday wear and tear, and a touch of luxury. It promises to elevate your cooking experiences, turning them into cherished moments.

Elevate Your Bathroom 

The bathroom stands as a sanctuary of personal care and relaxation. Maintaining a harmonious and hygienic atmosphere is paramount. Here, countertops are more than functional surfaces; they contribute to the room’s ambiance. Dekton’s variety in texture and hue provides boundless design inspirations for bathroom spaces.

While kitchen countertops prioritize functionality, the emphasis shifts towards making a statement while retaining practicality in bathrooms. Dekton, with its blend of style and utility, emerges as a top contender for bathroom countertops in Montreal.


Enhance Outdoor Gatherings 

Cooking outdoors is an experience, especially during gatherings. The right countertop can elevate this experience. Thanks to its synthesis of porcelain, glass, and quartz, Dekton is gaining traction as the go-to material for outdoor countertops in Montreal. This unique blend results in a dense, non-porous surface impervious to UV rays.

With Dekton, concerns about staining, temperature fluctuations, and other outdoor elements become a thing of the past. It ensures durability, a consistent shade under the sun, and resistance to everyday outdoor spills and stresses, retaining its allure for years.

Discover the Qualities of Dekton Countertops

  • Resistance to stains
  • Resilient against scratches
  • Can withstand heat and fire
  • Offers uniform color and a non-porous surface

A Closer Look at Stain Resistance 

A countertop that resists stains, especially in high-activity areas like the kitchen, is invaluable. Owing to its minimal porosity and absence of resins, Dekton excels in this department. With a Dekton surface, a simple wipe after accidental spills keeps it pristine. It stands strong even against potent chemicals in common household cleaners.

Resistant to Scratches 

Dekton’s remarkable durability ensures that everyday sharp objects can’t easily mar its surface. This resilience makes it an outstanding option for kitchen spaces. For those wanting to ensure their Dekton countertop remains impeccable, using a cutting board for knife-related tasks is a simple tip.

Impervious to Fire and Heat 

Worry no more about placing hot kitchenware directly onto your countertop! Dekton surfaces embrace high temperatures effortlessly. They resist burning and cracking, even when confronted with scorching heat.

Uniform Color and Sealed Beauty 

One of Dekton’s standout features is its consistent hue. Every Dekton slab boasts uniform coloration thanks to precise engineering, ensuring that your countertop retains its radiant appearance for the long haul. Notably, Dekton surfaces need no sealing, a testament to its excellent design. Being non-porous, it’s inherently resistant to the penetration of liquids and gases, making it an ideal fit even in moisture-prone areas like restrooms.

Experience the future of countertops with Dekton – a fusion of beauty, resilience, and effortless maintenance.

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Versatility of Dekton: Perfect for Indoors & Outdoors

Dekton stands out for its adaptability, excelling in indoor and outdoor settings. The product’s design ensures it remains unfazed by the intense UV rays of the sun, retaining its vibrant appearance. Furthermore, its commendable resistance to wear and tear makes it a top choice for bustling commercial spaces, especially as flooring. With Dekton, the worries of re-surfacing or re-finishing are things of the past. Its thermal shock resistance means it’s ideally suited for both scorching and freezing conditions.

Are you considering a Dekton upgrade? The experts at countertop4less are here to assist. From design advice to installation, our team will ensure your Dekton surface impeccably aligns with your home’s aesthetics. Reach out for tailored guidance, and let’s bring your vision to life.

Absolutely! If endurance and durability are what you’re after, Dekton leads the pack. It’s got the muscle to withstand a lot—scratches, heat, and stains don’t faze it. While other favourites like granite need regular sealing and may show wear over time, Dekton remains ever-vibrant and resilient.

Simple! Just some mild soap and water will do for most cleaning. But if you want that extra sparkle, a gentle surface cleaner, especially those made for marble or granite, is your go-to. Always opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic choices.

The secret sauce? A blend of materials that craft granite, quartz, and glass. Fused with the magic of winterized particle technology, this mix undergoes high temperatures and pressure, resulting in a formidable countertop as nails. The genius minds at Cosentino, a Spanish firm, brought Dekton into our lives.

It’s like comparing apples, oranges, and bananas – they all have their charm! While many confuse porcelain and Dekton, they’re pretty distinct. Dekton borrows from the best of both quartz and porcelain. It shines particularly in heat resistance and colour consistency. Quartz, while beautiful indoors, might lose its colour under the sun. On the bright side, quartz is less prone to chipping than Dekton. As for variety, both Dekton and quartz boast a wide array of patterns and shades, no sealing required.

No material is perfect, and while Dekton stands tough, a significant impact, like a heavy pot tumbling from a height, could cause a chip. A little care while working can go a long way.

Life happens, and repairs are possible if your Dekton gets damaged, though they might need to restore the original perfection. Stains, luckily, are almost a non-issue with Dekton. Specific cream detergents or a gentle scraping can help if you spot one. You might need a more substantial fix or replacement for more extensive damages, especially cracks from heavy impacts.

Compared to long-time favourites like granite or quartz, Dekton is more on the expensive side. Its novelty and unique installation requirements can influence the cost. However, it’s essential to remember that with Dekton, you’re investing in cutting-edge durability and style. Just ensure your installer knows their Dekton game to get the best value.