It’s exhilarating starting a kitchen renovation. You could give a new look to your home by having a re-designed one. That however is no joke. As we say, let’s unpack your costs; this way, you are ready.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

With this said, it should be remembered that the kitchen can be referred to as ‘the heart of a home’ as it serves many functions. Having a functional and attractive kitchen increases the market worth of a home as well as improves one’s life. However, what is its cost?

Understanding the Budget Breakdown

  1. Cabinets and Hardware (30%): A major part of your budget. You have a choice of either stock cabinets which come in set sizes or custom cabinetry made specifically for your kitchen. The latter is costlier.
  2. Installation (20%): Such labour costs include those related to demolition, building, plumbing, and electricity work.
  3. Appliances and Ventilation (15%): Depending on brand, features, and volume, the prices differ. Well, we have just got cooking appliances like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and range hoods.
  4. Countertops (10%): Material is the key factor. The cost of laminates may be less than that of a granite or quartz—quintessential natural stone.
  5. Flooring (7%): These options range from hardwood, laminate, and tile, to vinyl. Material and area size affect prices differently.
  6. Lighting (5%): These include suspended lighting such as chandeliers, recessed lighting or downlights, under cabinet lights, and pendant lights.
  7. Design Fees (4%): If you hire a designer.
  8. Doors and Windows (4%): The costs fluctuate depending on the material, type, and size.
  9. Faucets and Plumbing (4%): For example, it could be used to pay for sinks, taps, and the labour required to put them in place.
  10. Walls and Ceilings (1%): It is the paint, as well as the trim, and the moulding.

Factors Influencing Cost

  1. Size of the Kitchen: There are more materials used as well as the labor required when it comes to a bigger kitchen.
  2. Quality of Materials: There is no smoke without fire here.
  3. Changing the Layout: However, this often costs more because the existing plumbing and electrical system has to be moved elsewhere.
  4. Location: The labour and material costs differ from region to region.

How to Save Money During a Kitchen Remodeling.

  1. Plan: Having a strategic plan lessens the likelihood of unforeseen expenses in future.
  2. Keep the Same Layout: The aforementioned, change in the setup of the kitchen may lead to an increase in costs.
  3. Do Some Tasks Yourself: One can do tasks like painting, and demolition with correct safety measures, without engaging in professional involvement.
  4. Shop Sales and Discounts: Keep an eye on bargains in appliances or materials.
  5. Refurbish Instead of Replace: This can be achieved by refinishing cabinets and replacing hardware instead of purchasing new ones.

Thinking about a Larger Budget.

  1. Long-term Home: However, if you intend to live for a long in your home, then it could be a good idea to buy a durable and modern kitchen worth some extra money.
  2. Increase Home Value: Having a contemporary, working kitchen is like remodelling a house when it comes to selling.
  3. Poor Functionality: You might have to pay more when that time comes to redesign if your present setup does not work out.

Creating Your Own Financial Plan.

Find out how much money you want to use and then work around this amount. Develop a must-have and wish lists. Leave some extra for emergencies. When the budget has been established avoid deviations from it as a matter of temptation.


Remodelling a kitchen is such an important project, a dream come true with costs attached to it. It ensures that you do not get caught unawares with additional costs. So keep in mind – it’s not only pretty surroundings that matter, it’s about making a place that works for you! Cheap and Functional. Happy remodelling!

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