From the kitchen, and bathroom to outdoors and bars, countertops are a significant part of the interiors of a home, office, lounges, outdoors and lunch halls. Countertops are available in a number of options, designs, materials, colors, textures, sizes, styles and prices.

Types of the Material of Countertops

Broadly, they can be categorized into stone or concrete countertops, porcelain countertops and stainless steel countertops, however, the most in and trendy worktops for Kitchen, Washrooms, Bars and other Tables (in no order) are
A wide range of types, colors and designs are available for granite countertops, marble countertops and quartz countertops. For Instance, The most popular of Granite Countertops are black granite and Quebec granite countertops. Likewise, quartz has many options in the quality of the material but the most admired are Silestone, Caeserstone and Eco-Ecological Quartz. In contrast, marble is one of the stylish and less expensive options. The most famous of marble is Italian Marble. The three sub-types of Italian Marble from the mountain of Italy, which are usually more prominent when we talk about the elegant marble countertops in Montreal especially, are:
– Carrara
– Calacatta
– Statuario

Surface of the Countertops

Apart from the material and the quality of the material, stone or concrete countertops can also be classified as per the finishing of the surface of the countertop.
The most striking and popular on-demand finishing of the surfaces are:
– Polished finishing of the surface of Countertops
– Honed (Also known as Matte) finishing of the surface of Countertops
– Leathered finishing of the surface of Countertops
– Riven finishing of the surface of Countertops
– Tumbled finishing of the surface of Countertops
– Flamed finishing of the surface of Countertops

The Durability of the Countertops

Stone countertops are more popular for their hardness and varying porosity. On the other hand, stainless steel countertops are great for their non-porous, shiny and sleek apparent surface of the countertops though the hardness and durability are relatively compromising in comparison with stone countertops. Stone countertop’s price ranges as per the quality of the types of stone. Granite and Quartzite are less porous and hence more durable. Porcelain is relatively less porous than other countertops. From marble to sandstone to quartzite to granite, all stone countertops are heat-resistant except some quartz.

– Maintainance and Cleanliness of the Countertops

Granite, Quartzite, Quartz, and Porcelain are considered more stain and scratch-resistant. Hence, these stones are easy-to-maintain options. Cleaning the countertops is not a big deal these days, from professional polishing to clean-at-home several options are available at some affordable rates.

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