A kitchen ought to be numerous things – comfortable, helpful, very much planned, and solid. And when we discuss durability, perhaps the earliest thing that strikes a chord is the kitchen countertop. The right kitchen top might not just make your kitchen at a point look stunning, yet it addition, increase its longevity. If you anticipate installing or redoing your countertops, the automatic decision is granite. Granite countertops for the kitchen have forever been the best decision for Montreal kitchens, and here we explain to you why this famous decision will take the biggest pie from the Montreal kitchen countertop market for years to come.

Granite: What Is It?

We’re not going to get exceptionally logical and bore you. However, in basic terms, granite is a molten crystalline stone that is more diligent than marble and has huge mineral grains on its surface. Granite countertops are notable for their durability and simple maintenance. With spills, grime, and oil being a customary undertaking in Montreal kitchens, there’s no riddle over why granite is a top decision.

Granite kitchen countertops: advantages and disadvantages

Granite kitchen tops have assumed control over Montreal kitchens for clear reasons.


  • Aesthetic: Granite countertops have a stunning visual allure and are accessible in bunch tints with wonderful mineral grains running through.
  • Durability: Granite countertops are solid and tough. Whenever dealt with appropriately, there’s a certain fire opportunity that granite countertops will endure forever.
  • Maintenance: You can wipe a material over the surface and your polished granite kitchen countertop will shine like new. It doesn’t permit grime to stick and is stain-resistant.
  • Heat resistance: Granite kitchen countertops are the ideal decision for kitchens as they are heat-resistant. It is gotten from volcanic shakes and forms over long stretches of crystallization of magma. Therefore, put down your hot strain cooker or dish on your granite countertop without thinking two times.


  • Cost factor: Granite countertops in the kitchen can be moderately costly, and the installation cost is likewise a cause for concern. Notwithstanding, since it’s consistently in demand, there’s normally never an issue with granite stocks, and therefore a thin possibility to get lighter on the pocket with increased demand.
  • Installation: You ought to seal granite countertops for the kitchen impeccably, to safeguard them from super durable staining. The course of installation is mind-boggling and requires expertise.
  • Complex to eliminate: Granite countertops endure forever. In this way, assuming the color is boring, or you dislike it, you will either need to figure out how to live with it or tear it separated.

Polished Vs. Honed Granite: Which Is Better?

Before knowing what’s the best granite for the kitchen, you first need to understand the types of granite accessible. Dissimilar to polished granite which is an exceptionally intelligent material, honed granite has a matte, no-shine finish that comes up short of the mirror-like impression of traditional granite. The soft look of honed granite fits entirely well into kitchens that don’t need the super polished finish. The honed granite kitchen tops look mature and relaxed simultaneously.

The decision to pick honed or polished granite altogether relies upon your esthetic. However, since honed granite countertops for the kitchen could never have been polished to give out a glistening finish, it’s more inclined to staining since their pores aren’t fixed. Thus, if your kitchen demands a honed finish, take the plunge. Simply make sure to polish it more than once per year. Do the water test to check assuming that you want to seal your countertop. If your granite countertop absorbs a ton of water and stains, that is a certain shot indicator that it needs some sealant.

Is it better to use granite slabs or granite tiles in the kitchen?

Relies on your necessities. While granite tiles are more financially savvy, the quality of granite slabs is far superior to tiles.

It’s an opportunity to give your kitchen the truly necessary granite twist and transform the aesthetic of your Montreal kitchen. While upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite adaptations, ensure you consider acrylic kitchen cabinets too. This will get your visitors talkin

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