There are not many things more exciting than redesigning the core of your home — the kitchen. From choosing the ideal hardwood floors to granite countertops and cabinet tones, various components should be painstakingly chosen to transform your vision into a reality. With so many choices to make, it tends to be an overwhelming interaction trying to limit all subtleties of your restroom or kitchen countertops. Would it be a good idea for you to select a smooth white chunk or a layered piece with dull apparent veins? For anything that variety choice you make, you’ll likewise have to settle on the finish for your counters.

To assist you with determining which granite countertop finish is great for your home, we’ve assembled a speedy manual to explain the different finish offerings.


On the off chance that you shut your eyes and imagined granite countertops, you’d presumably be envisioning counters with a polished finish. A polished finish is a most widely recognized decision for property holders opting for granite since it makes a shiny and reflect-like appearance. It’s additionally one of the simplest finishes to clean and continue to put its best self forward for some years to come. Alongside accentuating the varieties and surfaces within the granite chunk, this finish gives your kitchen the “polished” look you’ve been dreaming of integrating the whole room.


Another incredible choice is a honed finish for your granite countertops. With a polished or matte appearance, the honed finish offers a perfect, smooth countertop without the mirror-like appearance of the polished finish. Albeit this finish is generally well known for granite flooring all through a home to conceal scrape stamps and forestall slipping, it’s likewise accessible for countertops to add character to any space. While opting for this finish in the kitchen, you want to remember that honed granite is more defenseless to staining — meaning it will probably require somewhat more maintenance over the long haul.


One of our top picks is a leathered finish. A leathered finish, otherwise alluded to as a brushed finish, permits you to add fragile profundity and aspect into your space. With a finished appearance, you can anticipate a more modern look and feel that shows off the normal components of the stone. Given its finished surface, leathered granite is more stain-safe than other finish choices and shows fewer fingerprints and scratches. Be that as it may, it can likewise be somewhat harder to clean since it’s anything but a completely smooth surface to wipe down.

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