Kitchen redecorating is a fantastic idea in Montreal yet it might cost one an arm and leg. Nevertheless, if you carefully plan and put into practice some cost-saving methodologies, you could accomplish this dream within your means. Here, I would like to talk about how to save money in a kitchen remodel.

Set a Realistic Budget

Your kitchen remodelling savings plan begins with setting a budget. Figure out what is your limit and adhere to this. This is important because having an established budget helps you make rational decisions as you work through your project and keeps you within its spending boundaries.

Plan Thoroughly

It would be wise not to face any sudden expenses by taking care of planning. Consider the following planning tips:

  • Prepare an elaborate project plan which encompasses the scope of work as well as the materials and labour costs.
  • This entails obtaining several quotations from contractors and suppliers and subsequently engaging in price comparisons and negotiation to get better deals.
  • Plan for anticipated problems like repiping or rewiring and set aside money for contingencies.

Keep the Layout

The best way to save money in a kitchen remodel is to keep its existing configuration. However, you should not move plumbing and electrical fixtures since such actions are expensive. Try redesigning its appearance and improving current system operations instead.

Reface Instead of Replace Cabinets

However, this can consume a large part of the budget when it comes to replacing kitchen cabinets. Instead, re-face or repaint them. Refacing involves a process of swapping out cabinet doors and drawer front with no alterations in the existing cabinet frames. This can make your kitchen look like new but with the low price of not replacing your old cabinets.

Choose Cost-Effective Countertops

Countertops that are made of granite and marble would require huge sums of money. Opt for less costly choices such as laminate, quartz, and butcher block to save costs. Some of these materials are made in such a way that they have a style of expensive countertops while their price is significantly low.

Consider Pre-Owned Appliances

Used high-end appliances as an alternative to new models. Look at local classifieds for refurb products such as appliance stores; visit stores selling gently used appliances which remain in good condition and online marketplaces.

Fixture And Hardware Shopping Made Easy.

You can discover budget-saving trendy options for faucets, sinks, and cabinet hardware here. Try to find for sale or discount items, or purchase them from wholesale suppliers in order not to ruin the quality by lowering the price.

DIY When Possible

Take advantage as the skills and experience you have can be used in carrying out some parts of the project. Some of the tasks that are easily done your self include painting, installation of backsplash tiles, and assembly and installation of cabinets which would have cost one some labour money. Nevertheless, ensure you shun tasks unbecoming of what you specialize in lest you commit very expensive blunders.

Opt for Open Shelving

The use of open shelves can be trendy and economical as an alternative to ordinary uppers. The installation is not very hard, so one can exhibit own tableware for an individual look. This method can similarly create a sense of openness in your kitchen.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Go for energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and bulbs to reduce recurring long-term costs incurred on energy bills. LED lights are not only environmentally friendly but also money-saving due to long lifespan, and less consumption of energy as compared with conventional incandescent light bulbs’ usage.

Avoid Over-the-Top Trends

Though fashionable styles may seem enticing, they are typically associated with an elevated cost. Stick with timeless and classical styles. You can incorporate inexpensive alterations of these additional trendy items, such as accessories and decor, whenever you want something new.

Reuse and Recycle

Think first of reusing or recycling old materials and fixtures before you get rid of them. It brings to light that saving some of these goods like doors, handles or lighting fixtures reduces waste and saves you some money.


Redesigning your kitchen in Montreal can be achieved on a budget. You will be able to end up with a cost-effective kitchen remodel if you adopt a practical budget, plan well, and make wise choices. Recall, that you can save money without any loss of style and quality. Keeping these money-saving tips in mind will enable you to create an attractive, practical, economical kitchen of which to be proud for all time ahead.

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