Montreal is a well-known city of highly aesthetic homes embellished with nitty-gritty innovations in home decors giving away the enchanting display. People of Montreal seem to be very choosy and selective when it comes to renovating their place. They want their home to remodel with a highly classical yet elegant touch. Leaving all old and eccentric ideas aside their desire is to revamp their specific home places with something ultra-modern touch. if you’re in Montreal and looking for high caliber and competent fabricators and installers who can aid you in whole procedure with over extensive experience to transform your home into an erotic and luxury place to live in.Budget around work with guaranteed quality assurance our team will visit your place for assessment and analysis for a better answer for your requirements with a detailed briefing. If you want to know the full-length detail about our procedure then keeps an eye on each detail.

Fabrication Guide

Fabrication process can’t be done until we have sinks, faucets, cooktops, and anything related to that that requires the cutting. Additionally all templates approval cutting layout and also edges details are necessary before fabrication.

Our team who will deal with all of the installation and fabrication procedures will order you before fabrication disconnect all of the plumbing things and also remove the current existing countertops.

  • Approval from customer

When we get clear about customer’s requirements, after that we show them our wide collection of distinctive variety of stones and asked them to order us for customization of colors, textures, designs, and many more. After selection, we enlisted all of their requirements and get ready for the next step.

Before fabrication and installation, the customer must review all of the templates, colors, textures, and approve stone grain, layouts at us. But the one thing is that, if it is already discussed with us then at this stage it will not require such detailed information. We will start without getting final approval from you. In the end, all of the responsibility is toward customers from starting to its finishing so they need to stand there until the complete procedure is done.

  • Assessment and analysis of the place:

After getting to know about the customer’s requirement we take a detailed visit to that place rather it is a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, vanities, or whatever home corner. We assess each part of that place with great care and ask about the customer’s requirement for cutouts, edges, borders, and sinkholes so that we can start the action with not anything left behind. Here we take size measurement and shape designs too. In doing so the instructions that are delivered by our staff is as following:

The customer must supply things like stovetops, sinks, faucets, dispensers that can require cutouts holes in the countertop.

The customer must note the final location of sinks, stovetops, hardware things, and all.

This is the responsibility of the customers to ensure that all hardware, stovetops, and sinks will fit the opening in cabinets.

• Dictate size on installation site and weight limitations on pieces that are going to fabricated.

Installation Guide:

After Approval from customer for all above things is done. Now it’s time to install the desired quartz, marble, or granite countertop. The things that should be considered while installing is given below:

It is cleared on the spot that all cabinets will be completely installed at the level of 1/8” in 10 -0 with all projections. Windows and doors that can be hindering the installation must be removed before installation.

When it is cold weather Make sure to provide the heat installation to maintain the seams and sinks preventing it from voiding seam warranty.

At the time of installation, the customer is responsible for setting the height of the dishwasher and stove and its exact location.

Our team of high craftsmanship will match the color of cabinets with countertops at the time of installation under extensive experience and great command on work will transform your area with innovations.

At that time our team will apply one coat of sealer to the countertop when fabrication will get completed. It will be the duty of the customer to apply an additional two coats again to maximize its sealing and protection from liquid and germs. If you’re installing granite then the reseal will be repeated after a year. But in the case of quartz countertops, it is a nonporous surface thus requires zero sealing and no maintenance.

Conclusion is quartz, granite, and marble fabricators and installers to redesign your bathroom vanities. Kitchen, fireplace, and bar tops with high-end material and pocket lining price. We provide services residentially and commercially. Visit us to explore the latest variety and free estimation.

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