Granite countertops convey stunning style in kitchens and washrooms and have other great characteristics. Notwithstanding, there are some possible shortcomings to remember as you consider granite countertops for your home. Here is a gander at the two sides of the issue.

Motives to Think about Granite Countertops

Granite has a rich delight that a couple of other countertop materials can coordinate. It is a characteristic item with ageless air and allure. Granite countertops take an excellent kitchen to a higher level outwardly and regularly become the highlight of the room. Over 20 shades of granite to work with, you’ll see one that mixes impeccably with your kitchen cupboards, deck, and dividers.

Granite is an exceptionally hard substance and isn’t vulnerable to scratches. While not ideal to deal with because it will dull blade edges, it will take typical mileage well indeed. Granite opposes heat as well, so its utilization of almost a reach or cooktop is great. At the point when you need to put down a hot skillet quickly, granite can take the warmth without being harmed or debilitated. In the restroom, putting a hair device on it that is still warm will not be an issue.

Granite can be exceptionally impervious to stains and will not retain fluids when it is appropriately fixed. A decent expert installer will want to seal it effectively with the goal that it keeps up with its alluring great looks endlessly, or you can do it without anyone’s help.

Reasons to be Cautious about Granite Countertops

For all their excellence and toughness, granite counters do have a couple of shortcomings. The most disturbing issues can happen when the countertops are not closed accurately or the sealant wears without the counters being resealed. Granite is permeable. This implies that unlocked or inadequately fixed counters can assimilate wine, squeeze, or oil, creating a stain that may be difficult to eliminate. An inadequately fixed countertop can likewise hold onto microorganisms in its pores.

Some treated granite can go 10 years without being fixed, yet numerous countertops should be resealed consistently. At the point when this is neglected, it will not take long for granted countertops to start to give indications of staining.

While these counters are entirely sturdy, a substantial article dropped on a corner may break or chip the granite. This isn’t normal, yet it can occur under the right conditions. The last alert is that granite countertop costs are extremely high. Hope to pay more than $100 per square foot of countertop, and costs as high as $250 are normal.

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