Since more than 50% of Canadian homes were worked before 1980, occasional renovations are more than necessary. Your kitchen needs remodeling more than other spaces since it’s quite possibly the most-used room in your home.

Getting new kitchen countertops is critical for keeping your home in shape. In any case, what are the signs that investing in a new countertop is necessary? Read on to learn some signs that a kitchen renovation task should be on the horizon.

  • Cracked Surface

After many years of use, cracking and chipping are natural on any countertop. The heaviness of storing kitchen utensils and the impact of cleaving knives can cause cracks north of several years. While other areas of the countertop may be functional, investing in a new one sooner rather than later will give you more space to work.

  • Erosion or Scorching

Cracks aren’t the main sign of a damaged kitchen countertop. Acidic foods like meats, eggs, beans, and salty dishes can disintegrate your countertop when spilled. The erosion probably happens north of several years or on the off chance that you aren’t meticulous about cleaning up spills.

  • Staining

While stains aren’t as severe an issue as cracking or scorching, they can place a serious damper on your kitchen aesthetic. On the off chance that you have porous countertops or haven’t sealed them correctly, stains are logically permanent. Getting a new countertop is your best wager if you want to remove these unsightly marks.

  • It’s Time for a Change

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing and it’s important to make sure that your space looks current. We’ve all seen kitchens with yellow and pink appliances that seem as though they never left the 50s. You want no version of the vibes that these kitchens emit (regardless of whether the situation is less extreme).

  • You’re Performing Other Kitchen Renovations

Did you have any idea that 34% of individuals accept that home renovations have added to better mental health? Projects are satisfying and fun, especially when you see an immediate impact. They also switch up your space to keep your brain feeling refreshed and stimulated.

  • You Have the Wrong Types of Kitchen Countertops

There are tons of kitchen countertop material options on the market. Solid-surface metal, ceramic tile, and laminates are more popular than ever before, yet they scratch and chip extremely easily. Soapstone has a similar issue because it’s so soft that simply cutting vegetables can break it.

  • Water Damage

Regardless of what sort of countertop you have, water damage is a serious and nearly inevitable issue. You may see a crusty white development under the countertop regardless of whether you see any water spots or stains on its top surface.

  • Mold or Mildew

On the off chance that you don’t spot water damage rapidly, you probably will end up with mold and mildew on the bottom of your countertops. This isn’t something that you want to mess around with since mold is persistent and can cause serious health problems.

  • You Changed Your Cooking Habits

Another practical reason to invest in a new kitchen countertop is that you recently have changed your cooking habits. Assuming you previously lived off microwave meals but presently plan to do more cooking, you will need more space.

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