Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Or you just have to change the previously damaged countertop? Are you thinking of installing some customized shelves in your kitchen? Then why not prefer the quartz countertop? It is a versatile and durable man made stone that you can get in a wide range of designs and colors. Now the question is how to choose the countertop design and texture for your kitchen. Few factors that you should not avoid include:


Quartz countertops are available in different edge types. You can pick what suits your kitchen style requirement. These are available in simple or minor details. Moreover, others are available at flamboyant type having a lot of details.

You can find two main categories that include the standard/traditional edges while the second one is the premium edges. Let’s explore the feature of each category so you can decide easily that matches your kitchen theme.


It is the most common type used in countertop styles. The type of edges included in this category include

Straight Edge

It is also known as a misnomer. These are slightly rounded to prevent any injuries or damage. These are the best option for a low kitchen design that sits well with any type of décor.

Half Bevel

It is the next level to a straight type edge. It is the addition of slight pizzazz to the countertop. The bevel edge makes a perfect match to give an elegant and stylish appeal to the countertop. Moreover, it offers safety, and there is no fear of injury or damage.

Half Bullnose

It is the type in which the quartz is shaped in a way to create the rounded right corner to meet the straight bottom corner. This gives a thicker appearance to the quartz at corners. It allows water to run off thus prevent from damage to cabinets present below.

Full Bullnose

Most common type of edges usually we find in high-end kitchen designs. It features the full curve on both corners of the quartz countertop.

Premium Edges

The more elaborated and sophisticated type of edges in the countertop is the premium type. These are available in the following types

Double Quarter Round

It is the pencil round edges present at both corners of the countertop. It is the best option if you don’t like full curviness.

Double Bevel

It includes the corner edges on both the top and lower sides of the counter top. This looks fascinating as they create the light reflection thus give a brighter impact on the kitchen. These are the few edges type that you can get. For more details visit and find a wide array of quartz countertops designs and edges to bring elegance in your kitchen.

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