To make things interesting and easy for all the homeowners, interior designers, and decorators, we have listed below fascinating and alluring ideas for your favorite site at home in winters, your Fireplace surround.

Being classic and timeless:

Wooden mantles remain the hot-selling and eye-pleasing materials to surround your Fireplace with if a classic look is what you require. Fireplace surroundings can give a conventional and modern look at the same time if a cream or beige shade is used in the wooden material. To make it prominent and enhance the appearance, a darker color such as black can set up the mood of the room.

Contemporary and Silky:

If the homeowner is looking to add a more contemporary and subtle look, then an Escea ST900 would be the perfect and most stylish option as it presents a minimalistic yet modern appearance. To add to its beauty, a Stainless-Steel fascia would do the job. To further enhance the look, the backdrop could be painted white as it will add a stunning effect to the fireplace surrounding.

Stony Backdrop:

Adding a stone backdrop to a fireplace surround will not just enhance the appearance of the room, but also showcase a modern and rustic appearance at the same time. Choosing which stone to use it totally up to to the taste of the homeowner, as both natural and artificial, choices are available. According to the set-up, and interior of the home, the designer and homeowner can come to a better understanding about which stone to choose. However, decorating the backdrop or surroundings with artificial stones will be lower in cost.

Color and Designs:

According to recent trends and time, colored fireplaces such as those in vivid shades are new in and many interior designers rank it as a favorite. Homeowners are recommended to choose the color and design of the fireplace as per the rest of the interior of the house and room. Living rooms are often designed with two or three colors including the flooring, furniture, and curtains. If the color of the fireplace is also one of them, it will a perfect overall appearance to the room. Adding accessories such as vases or frames on top of the fireplace will make it look even better.

Unique set-ups:

Fireplaces are not always bound to be placed on the floor and to add art features to it and setting it unconventionally, the fireplace can also be positioned at eye level. This not only gives an untraditional appearance but also gives a contemporary and glamorous look to the entire room. This makes a contemporary statement and gives a new feel to the room.

Steel Surrounding:

Using steel surroundings for fireplaces is a prevailing trend in recent times, and presents a magnificent and industrial appearance to the room. This is one of the hot-favorite styles of interior designers these days for offices. Weathering steel is considered the best choice for this style, and the amazing part is that the plain metal forms a reddish layer when it is exposed to the weather.

These are the top-most fashionable ways to surround your fireplace surrounds, so hurry up and get yours now!

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