Elemental Features of a Quartz Countertop Composed of one of the toughest elements present in nature, quartz countertops are deemed the most enduring choice when it comes to kitchen countertops. They are also considered one of the most attractive choices available for kitchen improvement. They are available in an extensive assortment of colors that vary from a fiery hue of red to apple green and different shades of coarse brown, black, and cream that sparkle and depict veining patterns that mimic the look of granite or fine marble.

Comparative Practicality with Granite and Marble unlike granite and marble slabs which are quarried, Quartz slabs are manufactured in a factory. Their principal component is ground quartz (about 94 percent), coupled with polyester resins to fuse it whilst pigments are incorporated to add color and substance to it. For certain purposes, minor quantities of recycled glass and metallic specks are combined into the mix. The resins also assist in making these counters stainless, scratch-resistant, and nonporous, so they don’t have to be sealed. Compared to granite, which usually needs a fresh protective top coat at least once annually. Why People are Turning to Quartz Counters Previously, the most significant blow to quartz’s popularity was the shortage of designs and color varieties available with the original stone. But that’s inconsequential now, as with all the producers developing and offering access to slabs with enough streaks, whirls, and beautiful patterning to make them practically indistinguishable from the original stone.
Is Quartz Right for You?

They were once available only with a gleaming finish. Nevertheless, nowadays you can buy one that has a honed, sandblasted, or polished treatment. So if you are looking for a textured slate or glossy granite, then there is an ideal alternative for you in the form of a quartz countertop. Quartz countertops may be perfect for you, and Granite4Less is the perfect platform for you to explore and pick the perfect counter for your kitchen.

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