Countless questions might pop up in your mind when renovating your living spaces or offices. One of the many things that hit your mind is the longevity, affordability, and brand from where you are looking for your countertops from. What is equally, or for some customers is more important, is the aesthetics that will set the final appearance of your room. A majority of homeowners or interior designers prefer the use of natural stone countertops to adorn their kitchens or bathrooms. However, these stones are rather expensive, hard to maintain, and they do not provide a unique touch, at times. A stone that is winning popularity all over the world with its beauty, wide variety of patterns and colors, and affordability is Quartz. It is an engineered countertop that is produced from color agents and resin. The mixture of these minerals creates a unique and alluring array of countertops that sets it apart from natural stones. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance material that does not require a lot of effort or annual sealing.

Regardless of the type of interior or site, Quartz can serve to be the finest choice for all places. The benefit of having several colors available in the quartz collection lies in the fact that pigments are added in the production process of this stone. Another benefit of quartz is its uncanny resemblance with natural stones like granite and marble but at a lower price. Countertops are one of the most renowned uses of quartz all over the globe but its popularity in Montreal remains unmatched. Below are some of the best options for designs and colors that you can choose in quartz countertops.

Creamy White Quartz:

White always remains timeless. The grace and elegance that you can pull off by adding creamy white color countertops to your kitchen will always bring forth a modern look for your kitchen. Pairing up these accessories with shades that complement the countertops will give a perfect look to the kitchen. Dark shades such as black or navy blue will make the area spacious whereas adding stainless steel appliances will give a cool look to the kitchen. If the homeowner wants a fresh and vivid appearance then white cabinets and backsplash could be the best choice.

Black and Grey Quartz:

Black never goes out of fashion! Are you looking to add stunning inclusion to your kitchen? Black is the perfect answer then. Bringing in the two-tone idea with black color will be perfect to create a charming effect. The much-admired marble backsplash that costs a lot of bucks can be easily created with quartz in black color in a much more reasonable range.

Pastels are new in:

A lot of people have this misconception that pastel and subtle hues are not in style today and using them might make their kitchens look old-dated and boring. Contrary to this belief, if these shades are combined with vibrant colors then they can fabricate eye-pleasing appearances.

With so many different colors in the collection, Granite4less will assist you with the best possible customer service and help you create an outstandingly attractive kitchen!

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