If a Fireplace is styled in an alluring way, it is what steals the show and becomes the most focal and attention-seeking spot in any room. You can learn to make it the best thing about your living areas with some wonderful decorating ideas. What can make them look even better is what they are framed with. Just like any other accessory or decorating place, these can also look appealing with fireplace surrounds. However, what matters the most, in this case, is that the surroundings should complement the fireplace itself. Regardless of what you are placing on it, keep the below-mentioned ideas in your mind for an effective and stunning result.

Decorating Tips for Fireplace Surrounds:

The following suggestions can help you make your fireplaces a sight for sore eyes.


To bring forth unique and beautiful scenery, you can adorn your fireplaces with decoration pieces that vary in size. You can place them in different sizes, for example, taller pieces behind with smaller ones in front. This can create a contemporary and rather unique look.


Adding layering can make the mantle look rather gorgeous as decorative pieces would be positioned unevenly which will make all of them obvious on the fireplace. One will not be covering the other and all of them will be visible.


If you are looking to create a poised look, you must go with the same colour vases and decorative pieces. This not just looks nice but gives a polished, and timeless appearance to the all-together appearance.

Large and Broader pieces:

A heightened and wide piece can be positioned in the centre that gains attention and also looks different. Furthermore, to add balance, numerous tiny items can be positioned on both sides of the larger piece to make it look even nicer.

Too many decoration pieces:

Less is more! Want to create such a look that catches the attention of the viewers, instantly? If yes, then always keep this one thing in mind overcrowding your fireplace mantle with several decorative items can make it look overcrowded. Giving these items space to breathe is important or they will go unnoticed and look like a mess.

Complementing decorating pieces:

Do not use many items and that too, each of different colour and design. This can result in looking like a total mess! You must either choose items that are completing one another in patterns or keep the same colour scheme. If there is a connection among those pieces in some way, it will look fantabulous!

Some of the leading and best options for fireplace surrounds, that we highly recommend are clocks, candles, photo frames, vases, decorating plates and boxes, shields, and paintings that can be placed at the back. Homeowners can also showcase the collection of their favourite books appealingly, shadow boxes.

Follow these ideas and you will end up with a satisfying result that will leave you in awe. Your fireplace surround, as well as the overall look of your room, will make your dream come true!

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