Black Granite is a new trend in kitchens that can add a contemporary and classic look to the kitchen. Granite is powerful and well-built that also offers longevity, and provides an aesthetic appearance.

A large range of designs is available in the granite that makes it a hot favourite among homeowners all over the globe. Some homeowners might think that black would be the wrong choice for kitchen vanities but it is untrue. Black adds a modern and alluring appearance that stands out in front of any other colour.

Enduring and Contemporary:

Black is a colour that can mix and match perfectly with any other colour. However, if a homeowner wants to showcase a timeless and contemporary effect, there is no better combination than that of black and white. This combination never gets old and rather adds great class to the kitchen. If the granite slabs are black, the cabinets can be white which adds grace to the final look. This gives a luxurious appearance to the kitchen and provides a contemporary and sophisticated feel.

Lights in the kitchen:

The kitchen lights play a primary role in the presentation of the black granite as when it shines upon the black granite countertops, it not just enhances the look of the granite slabs but also highlights various undertones and hues of granite that leaves a stunning effect on the room. As granite glows in front of the light, correct lighting must be installed in front of the granite slabs so that they can unveil all the alluring hints of black granite.

Colours that complement black granite:

White with black is not the only option that can add an elegant and contemporary look to the kitchen, but grey can also prove to be another colour that can go well with black. Grey adds up a soft and subtle look to the kitchen if paired with black. The kitchen can look more capacious and airier if lighter tones of grey are added as kitchen vanities. This theme also assures a modern and elegant look for kitchens. Contrasting brass with black can provide a rather royal and luxurious appearance for the kitchen. Kitchen vanities in brass can enhance the look of the kitchen, giving a richer look to the kitchen. Designs in brass can also go well white black.

Floor and backsplash tiles:

As black can go well with any colour scheme, homeowners can always enhance the look of the black granite countertops with colours that compliment these slabs. Contrasting other colours with black can bring out a bolder and enchanting look to the entire room. To make the kitchen stand out, simple yet elegant floor tiles could be installed in the kitchen. The majority of interior designers and decorators suggest vibrant shades of reds, blues, and greens for floor tiles in this case. The backsplash tiles can also lay a dramatic effect if the right colours are chosen. White can be added to make the black countertops stand out, and if a strong effect is desired, then darker colour backsplash tiles should be added.

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